Kyle Lanningham is an award-winning photojournalist with over 20 years of experience telling stories all over the globe.  With a career spent logging miles for both national and international broadcasters, he was on location for most major news events in the past two decades.  His work has been featured on numerous major outlets including ABC, PBS, BBC, German Public Television, Swedish Public Broadcasting, and Dutch Public Television.  From the beginnings of the war in Afghanistan, to the impending Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan, or the unexpected rise to the presidency of Barack Obama, no moment was too big, while visiting all 50 US states and dozens of countries all over the world, but it was the voices of everyday people that captivated Lanningham most.


Storytelling is the heart of any good video, and Lanningham knows what elements are needed to tell your story in an engaging way.  Lanningham and the digital team at Live Wire have the knowledge needed to hone and direct your story across multiple platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  We can create the video you need to show the world your company at its best.


Lanningham holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from Baylor University.  He lives with his wife and two young boys, Charlie and Harris, in Washington DC, and they can often be seen hiking the trails of Rock Creek Park.