Inside Wire S3E02 Kobe and the Media

In today’s Inside Wire, Jeff looks into the spread of misinformation after the passing of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant.
S3E02 #InsideWire #WeDontDoAverage

Inside Wire S3E01 Instagram Hiding Likes

Our social media manager, Adriana, shares how Instagram’s plan to hide ‘likes’ from its users is going to change the Insta game for marketers, influencers, and users.
S3E01 #InsideWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S2E02 Rapinoe and the USWNT

Megan Rapinoe and the USWNT are riding a World Cup wave this week, and Chryssa talks about how Rapinoe is maximizing the moment.
S2E02 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E20 Lonnie Bunch and the Smithsonian

Lonnie Bunch is named the new head of the Smithsonian Institution and in this week’s Wire Jeff Goldberg talks about the innovation and vision he brought to the African American Museum, landing him the new promotion.
S1E20 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E19 Movin’ On Up

In this Weekly Wire, Suzanne looks at ABC’s live re-creations of old sit-coms and examines how these scripts from the 1970s still apply in today’s world.
S1E19 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E18 Admissions Scandal

In this week’s Wire, Paige looks at the ongoing College Admissions scandal and the Court of public opinion.
S1E18 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E17 Spoiler Marketing

This week’s episode focuses on the marketing campaign surrounding the latest Avengers movie and their fight to avoid spoilers.
S1E17 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E16 Buttigieg Website

Thomas takes a close look at the newly-launched website of presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg in this week’s Weekly Wire. S1E16 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E15 Briana’s Moment

In this week’s Weekly Wire, Chryssa discusses a moment of synergy surrounding our client Briana ScurryS1E15 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E14 Biden Tweets

Biden responds to the allegations of uncomfortable touching. Live Wire’s Jeff Goldberg examines the message of his tweeted video in the Weekly Wire.
S1E14 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E13 Sackler Money

In the Weekly Wire this week, Suzanne examines the dilemma created from charitable donations by a wealthy family caught up in legal battles surrounding the opioid epidemic in America.
S1E13 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E12 Socially Conscious Advertising

In the latest #WeeklyWire with Live Wire’s Mollie Wagoner looks at the trend of advertising with a social conscious.
S1E12 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E11 Boeing

In Live Wire Strategic Communications’ #WeeklyWire. Chryssa discusses Boeing’s PR strategy in light of two recent crashes of one of their flagship aircraft.

Weekly Wire S1E10: Athlete Contracts and Social Media

Thomas discusses how athletes and teams navigate social media activity during contract negotiations – and how it can impact the bottom line.

Weekly Wire S1E9 Cohen vs Kavanaugh

Check out Live Wire Strategic Communications’ #WeeklyWire. Our 9th episode compares the differences between Brett Kavanaugh’s and Michael Cohen’s Testimony before Congress. One had everything to lose and one had nothing to lose.

Weekly Wire S1E8 #OscarsSoBoring

This week’s Weekly Wire examines the controversies surrounding the upcoming Oscar’s broadcast. Live Wire’s Suzanne Kennedy asks what this will mean for the show’s already sinking ratings.
S1E8#WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E7 the Streaming Wars

In this week’s #WeeklyWire, Live Wire’s Mollie Wagoner takes a look at the consumer effect of the streaming wars and how the competition between services has changed the media landscape. S1E7#WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E6 Virginia Turmoil

In the latest #WeeklyWire with Live Wire’s Jeff Goldberg looks at Virginia’s ongoing political scandal and discusses the complex approach companies and schools are now taking toward prospective candidates. S1E6 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E5 Pepsi vs Coke

Live Wire’s Weekly Wire S1E5 Corrine Gormont takes a look at the modern day marketing war going on between two age-old competitors Coke and Pepsi.

Weekly Wire S1E4 Trump and the Media

Live Wire’s Weekly Wire S1E4- Suzanne Kennedy discusses Trump and social media’s overall effect on the news cycle

Weekly Wire S1E3 Instagram egg

Check out our latest episode of Live Wire Strategic Communications’ #WeeklyWire featuring Mollie Wagoner. Learn how to utilize viral strategies to boost your company’s exposure. S1E2 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E2 Pelosi Schumer response

Introducing the “Weekly Wire” featuring executive vice president, Jeff Goldberg. #WeDontDoAverage


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