Training and Coaching

Media Training

Our Media Training is designed to help spokespeople communicate ideas and desired messages in a concise, effective manner in order to build a strong, credible image. But we steer clear of creating cookie-cutter speakers

Our training is custom-designed to help you develop a personal style that identifies you as a leader. You receive personal attention from professional journalists to enhance the impact and value of critique and feedback.

Training is customized to focus on your particular goals, issues and experience.

Training includes:

  • Helping you craft unique and newsworthy messages
  • Channeling nervous energy and controlling anxiety
  • Handling difficult questions or controversial subjects
  • Listening and bridging techniques
  • Taking charge of interviews and audiences

Persuasive Selling and Presentation Skills Training

Communicating ideas and persuasive messages in a credible, concise and powerful way is not an inherent gift given to just a few individuals.

It comes from leveraging proven communication strategies and tools, staging, plenty of practice, and frank feedback.

Live Wire’s Presentation Skills Training includes all of these. Focused on rapid results, our training is delivered in two steps.

First you grasp the basics – customized to you or your group’s level of experience – in an interactive environment.

Then you put the tools to work in a rigorous, privately video-taped practice session.

We combine interactive group training, a detailed workbook, and individual videotaped sessions to expedite dramatic improvement.

Participants learn how to:

  • Develop a confident and convincing voice
  • Identify and communicate key message
  • Tell compelling and memorable stories
  • Focus on audience needs and motivate them to take action
  • Use words, silence, and body language to build audience rapport
  • Turn nervous anxieties into positive energy

Orals Coaching

Delivering a compelling and unique message through a cohesive, dynamic orals presentation is critical to winning proposals.

Participants learn specific strategies to address the unique needs of an upcoming oral presentation, while also practicing general skills that apply to many types of presentations before internal and external audiences.

Our 4-step Orals Coaching is designed to transform capture teams into powerhouses of passionate and persuasive speakers, trained to remain firmly focused on audience needs and effectively communicate a competitive story.

Coaching includes:

  • Identifying competitive advantages and proposal-winning themes
  • Creating and fine-tuning presentation messages
  • Training a cohesive presentation team that is well-rehearsed and prepared for difficult questions
  • Effectively coaching technical staff to communicate business and audience benefits
  • Creating powerful, supportive visual aids
  • Improving each team member’s communication skills
  • Creating a positive environment that encourages thinking outside of the box and critical feedback

Executive Coaching

We work with high-powered individuals to help cultivate and understand basic elements of communication and fine-tune leadership skills, while maintaining and nurturing your personal brand.

Executives walk away with an individualized development plan designed to help create a powerful leadership presence.

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