Video Production service

Video is consumed more than any other type of content across websites and social media platforms alike. The new age of digital media has positioned video as one of the most vital aspects of proactive communications, as well as the most effective tool to gain traction and engagement on social media. Live Wire has over two decades of video production experience on its team to ensure your messages are communicated in the most compelling, visually appealing, and viewer-friendly format possible. We produce a diverse array of video content, from live events and thought leadership to corporate branding and client testimonials – and beyond.
Live Wire develops video projects from concept through the final cut, ensuring your production is seen to completion by a team that knows your messages and objectives inside and out. Our video capabilities include:

  • Conceptualization, storyboarding, and scriptwriting;
  • Subject research, message development, and spokesperson coaching;
  • Interview direction, shot list execution, and live events;
  • Graphics and digital element creation, full production and editing; and
  • Distribution strategies and optimization.