Weekly Wire S1E12 Socially Conscious Advertising

In the latest #WeeklyWire with Live Wire’s Mollie Wagoner looks at the trend of advertising with a social conscious.
S1E12 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E11 Boeing

In Live Wire Strategic Communications’ #WeeklyWire. Chryssa discusses Boeing’s PR strategy in light of two recent crashes of one of their flagship aircraft.

Weekly Wire S1E10: Athlete Contracts and Social Media

Thomas discusses how athletes and teams navigate social media activity during contract negotiations – and how it can impact the bottom line.

Weekly Wire S1E9 Cohen vs Kavanaugh

Check out Live Wire Strategic Communications’ #WeeklyWire. Our 9th episode compares the differences between Brett Kavanaugh’s and Michael Cohen’s Testimony before Congress. One had everything to lose and one had nothing to lose.

Weekly Wire S1E8 #OscarsSoBoring

This week’s Weekly Wire examines the controversies surrounding the upcoming Oscar’s broadcast. Live Wire’s Suzanne Kennedy asks what this will mean for the show’s already sinking ratings.
S1E8#WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E7 the Streaming Wars

In this week’s #WeeklyWire, Live Wire’s Mollie Wagoner takes a look at the consumer effect of the streaming wars and how the competition between services has changed the media landscape. S1E7#WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E6 Virginia Turmoil

In the latest #WeeklyWire with Live Wire’s Jeff Goldberg looks at Virginia’s ongoing political scandal and discusses the complex approach companies and schools are now taking toward prospective candidates. S1E6 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E5 Pepsi vs Coke

Live Wire’s Weekly Wire S1E5 Corrine Gormont takes a look at the modern day marketing war going on between two age-old competitors Coke and Pepsi.

Weekly Wire S1E4 Trump and the Media

Live Wire’s Weekly Wire S1E4- Suzanne Kennedy discusses Trump and social media’s overall effect on the news cycle

Weekly Wire S1E3 Instagram egg

Check out our latest episode of Live Wire Strategic Communications’ #WeeklyWire featuring Mollie Wagoner. Learn how to utilize viral strategies to boost your company’s exposure. S1E2 #WeeklyWire #WeDontDoAverage

Weekly Wire S1E2 Pelosi Schumer response

Introducing the “Weekly Wire” featuring executive vice president, Jeff Goldberg. #WeDontDoAverage


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