The Carlyle Group

“Live Wire solves problems. When I have a senior executive who needs to be trained at giving better, more effective presentations, Live Wire is my go-to. They’ve helped our professionals be the best they can be, in service to our investors.”

— Christopher W. Ullman, Director of Global Communications, The Carlyle Group

Georgetown University – McDonough School of Business

“Before working with Live Wire, we were getting 300 media hits per year. We’re now at over 11,000. Our voice is getting out there, and we’re being heard by so many audiences. It’s our partnership with Live Wire that makes things happen.”

– Chris Kormis Associate Dean and Chief Marketing Officer

US Fitness

“Fitness is an extremely competitive industry and it’s important for us to be the thought leader in the marketplace. Live Wire has essentially become an extension of our marketing team. As a boutique agency, there is personal attention and support from the entire team, which has made the difference for us.”

— Nancy Terry, VP of Communications, US Fitness

Ballston Business Improvement District

“Everything is about relationships and Live Wire has them. Year after year, the money we invest with Live Wire comes back to us 100-fold with the amount of exposure that we gain as an organization. The value is extraordinary.”

— Tina Leone, CEO, Ballston Business Improvement District

Chevy Chase Trust

“What makes Live Wire different is definitely its’ people and their commitment to personal service. I think it would be incredibly difficult to make the strides we have made without a firm like Live Wire. They are very hardworking, and above all, fun to work with.”

— Stacy Murchison, Chief Marketing Officer, Chevy Chase Trust


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