Live Wire Announces Partnership With Diversity-Focused Tech Company BiasSync

As diversity and inclusion topics dominate today’s headlines, clear and accurate communication has never been more important. That is why Live Wire is excited to announce our new partnership with Michele Ruiz and her company BiasSync. As BiasSync’s agency of record, Live Wire will launch and manage a robust media relations campaign to elevate Michele Ruiz as a thought leader in the national conversation around implicit bias and discrimination.

Who is BiasSync?

With a purpose to create more fair and respectful workplaces, BiasSync is the first science-based assessment and development software solution designed to help organizations reduce the negative impact of unconscious bias. Assessing unconscious bias across a company’s employee base allows for a more perspective approach to understanding and mitigating bias across all levels of a company. It is an important first step to achieving a company’s desired diversity and inclusion goals and helps to create a more fair, inclusive, and effective workplace.

A certified woman and minority owned business, BiasSync pairs online assessments of unconscious bias and related cognitive processes in individuals with interactive, video-based professional development content to educate employees and ultimately mitigate the impact of bias. It is the only unconscious bias data application that integrates scientific knowledge from experts in the field in a large-scale commercial application.

Why Live Wire?

Over its 24-year history, Live Wire has continuously supported and represented industry giants like Raytheon, Cabham, GDIT, and the Carlyle Group. Utilizing decades of industry experience, unparalleled storytelling skills, and cutting-edge technology, Live Wire leverages proven strategies to effectively communicate companies’ messages with the people that matter most.

Live Wire will serve as BiasSync’s PR agency of record, implementing a comprehensive strategic communications campaign custom designed for maximum public relations, business exposure, and market penetration.  

Here to Help

From strategic media relations and communications training to video production and social media management, Live Wire’s comprehensive communications campaigns have proven successful with industry giants time and time again. Live Wire works intimately with clients to create robust plans in support of overarching business goals, executing tailored communications strategies that provide short and long-term benefits.

Whether it’s winning your next big contract or elevating your brand’s profile within the industry, Live Wire Strategic Communications is here to help.


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