Live Wire welcomes Silvus Technologies to its esteemed list of clients.

2020 has brought significant change to our community, business, and world. At a time when effective communications are essential to thriving businesses, Live Wire is thrilled to serve as Silvus Technologies’ PR agency of record.

Who is Silvus?

Silvus Technologies innovates mobile-networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) wireless communications systems to deliver throughput, range, and robustness that were previously thought impossible. Silvus supports military, unmanned systems, Airborne ISR, law enforcement, broadcast, and maritime industries with long-range, mobile and non-line-of-sight communications.

Innovating systems that have served as a first-in-the-world achievement is common throughout Silvus’s history. In 2011, they released the world’s first tactical MIMMO radio. In 2016, the world’s first tactical MIMO radio with TX Eigen beamforming. In 2019, they produced the first tactical MANET with interference mitigation capabilities. And just this year, Silvus developed the first tactical MANET with power control for reduced RF signature.

What does this all mean? Silvus Technologies is revolutionizing our world’s most vital communications.

Why Live Wire?

Earlier this month, Live Wire was recognized as the #1 PR Agency in Defense and Aerospace by Over its 22-year history, Live Wire has continuously supported and represented the defense and aerospace industry. Live Wire has represented industry giants like Raytheon, Cabham, and The Carlyle Group through comprehensive communications strategies, media training, presentation training, and more.

Live Wire will serve as Silvus Technologies’ PR agency of record, coordinating media efforts, social media, and video projects. This robust, comprehensive, and unified campaign directly supports business objectives and aims to further Silvus’ status as one of the most innovative communications developers in the world.

Here to Help

From strategic media relations and communications training to video production and social media management, Live Wire’s comprehensive communications campaigns have proven successful within the aerospace and defense industry time and time again. Live Works intimately with clients to create robust plans in support of overarching business goals, executing tailored communications strategies that provide short and long-term benefits.

Whether it’s winning your next big contract or elevating your brand’s profile within the industry, Live Wire Strategic Communications is here to help.


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