Live Wire Wins 4 Platinum, 1 Gold MarCom Awards for 2021 Campaigns

Live Wire has been awarded 4 Platinum and 1 Gold MarCom Awards for the creativity and success of 2021 campaigns serving five of our clients: General Dynamics Information Technology, Indivumed Group, Silvus Technologies, VHC Health, and Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.


The MarCom Creative Awards is one of the largest and most respected creative competitions in the world and selects winner from over 6,000 submissions each year.


Platinum Winners:


General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)

In the first full year as partners, Live Wire increased recognition of GDIT and its leadership by implementing an integrated marketing, communications, and executive visibility campaign. Live Wire has established GDIT as an industry leader, positioned its executive leadership team as thought leaders in the field of federal IT contracting, raised visibility and awareness for company services and initiatives, and expanded GDIT’s media footprint nationally. From the company’s key messages to its social media and communications activities, Live Wire worked with GDIT’s leadership to develop the following campaign objectives:

  • Positioned GDIT and its leadership as trailblazers in government IT contracting and cybersecurity.
  • Elevated GDIT’s profile to the national level while reframing the public’s perception of the company to that of an innovative and forward-leaning technology enterprise.
  • Communicated unique messages that differentiate GDIT through internal and external engagements.
  • Built and expanded the LinkedIn audience and engagement for GDIT’s executive team.
  • Secured thought leadership opportunities, speaking engagements, and key award wins for GDIT’s executives.

Indivumed Group (Client Since 2017)

Serving as the agency of record for Indivumed, Live Wire has developed an integrated marketing and communications campaign that strategically aligns with the company’s business goals and objectives. From the company’s brand and key messages to its market position and communications activities, Live Wire worked with Indivumed’s company leadership to achieve the following campaign objectives:

  • Positioned Indivumed’s database, IndivuType, as the premier biobank.
  • Enhanced the perception of the Hamburg, Germany-based Indivumed Group as a truly global company with a clinical network spanning more than 25 countries across four continents.
  • Developed launch strategy for new company business unit and raise visibility for two new subsidiaries.
  • Built and expanded Indivumed’s audience and engagement across social media channels.

Silvus Technologies (Client Since 2020)

Silvus turned to Live Wire to expand its company brand and position the company as the leader in the ultra-competitive MANET radio market. By developing and executing a strategic communications campaign that integrates media relations, social media, and video production, Live Wire has successfully supported Silvus’ business objectives and expanded their reach within the industry. From the company’s brand and key messages to its market position and communications activities, Live Wire worked with Silvus’ company leadership to develop the following campaign objectives:

  • Positioned Silvus as the company that can meet the radio needs for all tactical applications.
  • Helped position Silvus with end users and platform providers in the unmanned systems market.
  • Secured high-profile thought leadership opportunities for Silvus’ executives in industry publications.
  • Built and expanded Silvus’ audience and engagement across social media channels.


VHC Health (Client Since 2017)  

In the tumultuous 24-hournews environment that accompanied the global COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders, especially those in the healthcare industry, had a responsibility to their communities, clients, and stakeholders to disseminate accurate information in a timely fashion. Live Wire worked closely with key executives to elevate the Hospital’s perception among consumers as a premier healthcare provider in the region and positioned VHC ambassadors as thought leaders within the healthcare industry. VHC Health turned to Live Wire to meet several goals:

  • Recruitment – Crafted unique angles and approached targeted print, broadcast, and online media outlets for strategic interviews and/or article placements highlighting culture, community, and advancement VHC offers potential hires.
  • Thought Leadership – Demonstrated VHC’s thought-leadership, research, and role as a leader in the region’s COVID-19 response, securing interviews with top-tier media outlets and creating dynamic video content.
  • Hospital News – Generated buzz in the community for hospital events, awards and ceremonies, and the hospital’s creative approach in adapting events to comply with the latest COVID safety regulations through targeted outreach, spotlight profiles and post-event photo coverage.

Additionally, Live Wire helped the Hospital welcome its first new CEO in37 years, with a system-wide rebranding, and promote major hospital expansion efforts.


Gold Winner:


Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business(Client Since 2008)

As the higher education landscape continues to evolve, colleges and universities recognize media coverage is growing increasingly competitive. Live Wire used its expertise and a powerhouse of talent to navigate today’s challenging and evolving media environment to deliver the McDonough School of Business a comprehensive communications strategy to accomplish its objectives:

  • Positioned the school as a premier business school and thought leader in finance, business, federal regulation, international trade, and marketing through a faculty thought leadership campaign.
  • Enhanced the school’s ranking in influential publications, including Financial Times and U.S. News & World Report, through strategically secured articles and earned media coverage.
  • Increased awareness of the school’s student success stories, including overcoming challenges to graduate, successfully launched businesses, and innovative applications of teachings from the classroom.
  • Leveraged Georgetown’s location in the heart of the nation’s capital to elevate McDonough as the go-to regional authority on all business-related matters.


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