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Responding publicly can be tough.

In today’s competitive world, communicating effectively is a must– but not always a natural gift. That’s why executives, public figures, brand advocates and business professionals turn to us for help. Today, more than 500 leaders are leveraging the skills and strategies they learned from our curriculum to influence audiences, change opinions, and increase bottom lines.

Learn to Maximize your opportunities

Now, Live Wire’s trusted programming is in your hands. Decades of experience with the press and media are now available to you at your own pace. Our programs are flexible enough to meet your individual individual needs, focusing on leadership communication fundamentals within your own style to help you make an impact.


Message Development

Key messaging tailored to your objective and audience makes the difference between great effort and great success. Learn how to craft strategic messages that work to achieve your overarching goals.

Conducting Interviews

The thought of an interview is often enough to make most people anxious. We teach proven techniques to turn nervous energy into confidence – ensuring you make the most of your opportunity.

Types of Interviews

If all interviews were the same, they’d be easy. Learn to engage with the press, develop rapport, steer the conversation, and take advantage of your chance to influence the news cycle.

Controversial Topics

Navigating difficult topics is often the hardest part of any communications effort. When those conversations are with reporters, there’s little room for error. We share how to approach sensitive issues with tact and resolve to keep your sentiment positive.

Making a Conclusion

A strong conclusion can make audiences remember, respect, and trust you. Learn how to maximize your opportunity by concluding in a memorable, confident, and credible way.

Looks and Body Language

How you appear, deliver, and engage throughout your interview has an outsize impact on your credibility – with press and the general public. We teach how to command the interview, room, and relationship with your appearance and body language.

Live Wire’s manual is valuable, insightful, and well-written. It provided exactly the expertise and guidance our organization needed both as individuals and as a team. Decades of experience, straightforward advice, and memorable insights make this a go-to for anyone looking to improve their messaging and delivery.

“The Media Training manual provides a critical resource in understanding the psychology and realities of journalism. The perspective, techniques, and strategies in this manual can help people make the most of almost any opportunity. On our team, it’s the most essential developmental aspect for leadership and communication. It’s professional, candid – and most of all, impactful.”

“Live Wire’s media training is informative, substantive and provides participants with a true insider’s perspective on how to create and deliver meaningful messages. Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business has utilized this training since 2008 and dozens of our professors and staff have improved their preparation, delivery and impact. An extremely well-crafted and valuable instrument, I highly recommend this manual to anyone looking to better enhance their communication with media.”